I'm Dr Kiley Loh

I treat Breast Cancers.

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Why I Do What I Do

Dr. Kiley Loh Wei-Jen

Consultant Medical & Breast Oncologist

MBBS (Melb), FRACP (Medical Oncology) 

Personalising breast cancer care

I believe in the importance of tailoring treatments for every person with breast cancer. Some need chemotherapy and some don’t. The same goes for targeted therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy. 


Not all breast cancers are the same. Different types and different stages of breast cancer, in different people, require different treatments. Science has progressed rapidly to enable personalised breast cancer care today. 


Valuing Patient's Wellbeing

I believe treatment must be planned as far as possible, for patients to do the things they love.

Cancer is not an easy journey. An important step of cancer treatment is in developing a treatment plan itself, with each treatment’s doses carefully calculated (and sometimes modified along the way) to ensure a balance between effectiveness and tolerability. For some women with advanced breast cancer, measured treatment breaks could be valuable for strengthening and recuperation.

Managing side effects

The question I often pose to our junior doctors in training is this: what use is good treatment when it is not tolerable?

Thankfully, supplementary medicines and processes are now available to help people through most side effects. These usually translate to better quality of life and a higher chance of completing their treatments.

Celebrating Survival

The cancer journey for most, is a life changing experience. But after treatments are completed, some are left pondering what happens next? 


Although there is ongoing progress in this area, I think more can be done together as a healthcare community to support people in this next phase. This may involve regular surveillance (for cancer relapse, but hopefully not!) or help in managing any remnant treatment side effects. Or as basic as rebuilding a life after cancer.

My Journey

The women who inspired my career journey

My mother passed away from colon cancer when I was 18 years old. She was my first interaction with the disease. I wish she lived to see my journey in becoming a doctor.

Early on in my training as a doctor in Australia, my mother-in-law encouraged me to specialise in oncology. She saw it as a good fit for me, and believed I would make a difference for patients. Her own journey as a cancer patient brought fresh perspective to my own practice to this day.

2021 - present:
Curie Oncology &
Penang Adventist Hospital

At your service Penang, as a breast cancer doctor. 

2014 - 2020:
National Cancer Centre Singapore ​

Work & research in breast cancer & survivorship care.

2006 - 2013:
Training in Australia

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre,

The Alfred, Cabrini Malvern, Austin Health & Eastern Health

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